Sovereignty: A Global Perspective

Sovereignty has been at the heart of political philosophy for centuries, and yet it is far from clear what work sovereignty is actually doing in the modern world. Is sovereignty indivisible? Why are some international interventions acceptable but others condemned or resented? Is sovereignty always popular? What role does sovereignty have in a world of international finance, global information exchange, and supranational regulation? Is sovereignty only relevant to some parts of the world or of global relevance?

This conference will place the intellectual roots of sovereignty in a conversation with sociological theory and the realities of a globalised world to create a broader context for our contemporary debates.

This is part of the 2019 programme of British Academy Conferences.

Professor Christopher Smith
Professor John Hudson FBA

Speakers include:

Dr. R. Alcaro, Istituto Affari Internazionali
Professor V. Arena, UCL
Dr. K. Bagchi, Heidelberg
Dr. F. Costa Buranelli, St Andrews
Professor J. Fontein, Johannesburg
Professor L. Habberstad, Oregon
Professor D. Hammer, Franklin and Marshall College
Professor J. Gallaher, Centre on Constitutional Change
Dr. B. Holland, Nottingham
Professor E. Isayev, Exeter
Dr. C. Jones, St Andrews
Professor S. Legg, Nottingham
Professor C. Lundgreen, Dresden University
Professor H. Rosa, Erfurt
Dr A. Russell, Durham
Professor L. Stonebridge, Birmingham
Dr. M. Somos, Heidelberg
Dr. T. St John, St Andrews
Professor R. Whatmore, St Andrews